Engagement platform for Children with special needs

Speakapp is a “digital campus” designed specifically for children with special needs, offering carefully curated vocational and functional courses.


Our platform focuses on addressing each child’s developmental and functional requirements, by providing expert coaching, therapeutic sessions, access to a library, engaging games, educational videos, and personalized career counseling.

Why Speakapp?

Learning Hours & Methods

Flexible learning avenues nestled within the comfort of home, to assist your child in learning at their own rhythm.

Learning Curve

Child progression is individualistic, inhibiting this natural pace can impede their learning journey. Speakapp allows them to progress at their preferred pace.


Right to Learn

Access to education is an inherent entitlement for every child, it’s our duty to make this happen. 


Access to abundant quality resources to learn and master.  

Parental Guidance

Parents as educators in your child’s journey with right learning methods and tools.

Our Services


Development Needs


Virtual workplace


Digital Fulfilment



About Us

Speakapp is an “engagement platform” dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special needs by providing top-notch functional, vocational, and therapeutic support.


As a hub for the world’s leading therapists, educators, functional experts, and researchers, Speakapp extends this wealth of knowledge to the realm of special learners. This is made possible through cutting-edge technology, educational resources, expert tutors, and valuable industry partnerships.

Speakapp’s overarching goal is to empower children with special needs to become active contributors to society, leading self-sustaining lives. Aligned with the specific needs of the community, Speakapp collaborates with parents and the broader ecosystem to foster a sustainable society. This involves offering parenting guides, training programs, emergency response initiatives, knowledge sharing, career planning for children, and showcasing their unique talents.

Throughout their journey, Speakapp remains dedicated to championing the “right to learn” for children with special needs, ensuring they have the resources and support necessary to thrive.



  • Parents

  • Does Speakapp have a mobile app ?     
    Current version of Speakapp is a Webapp, this is accessible in all forms like laptop, desktop and mobile, however it is not a downloadable application.
  • By when will Speakapp launch mobile app?
    We would evaluate the ease and accuracy of the platform through mobile app and decide the launch of mobile app in future.
  • How do we as a parent know if the therapist in Speakapp are certified professionals ?
    We in Speakapp would onboard therapist post reviewing their credentials, the same is available for any parent to check under the “check profile” tab against the Therapist name.
  • How to choose a right Therapist ?
    Parents are encouraged to choose a consultation pack based on Therapist profile to get a fair understanding on therapist’s capabilities.How to choose a right Therapist ?
  • Will Speakapp provide study materials ?
    Speakapp does not provide any study material.
  • Will Speakapp make recommendation on the study material ?
    No, Study material is the domain of therapist. Therapists based on need could suggest study material on a case to case basis.
  • Can parents buy any study material from Speakapp apart from what Therapist recommends ?

    Current version does not support online store.

  • Is Speakapp chargeable ?

    Some services are chargeable and others are free to use.

  • What are the services chargeable?

    Professional engagements are chargeable.

  • Is it mandatory to register with Speakapp ?

    It is not mandatory however we recommend to register as some features requires registration. Registration also helps you to track the activity and progress in Speakapp.

  • Is session time fixed?

    No, it is for therapist and parent to decide what suits best for the child.

  • Will Speakapp provide any recommendation on how long parents should take the Therapy/Other services ?

    Ideally this is decided between the Professional and the parent.

  • How can I access my previous session’s learning tools ?

    You can retrieve it from “view appointment documents” from “My Schedule” of the student login

  • How would a parent know if the child has progressed well ?

    We encourage Therapists to share feedback at the end of each session, parents are requested to take up consultative sessions with the therapist to understand the progress.

  • How will a parent access documents shared by the Tutors for that particular session ?

    Parents can go to My schedule tab and click on the specific session, a pop up tab comes which has three functionalities like submit documents, session history, view appointment documents, parents can click the appointment documents to access the documents.

  • How to check the home work or Tasks given by the Tutors ?

    If there is a home work or task assigned, the same can be accessed under “Tasks & Feedback” table under your home tab.

  • How to access Therapist’s feedback about student ?

    Any feedback given by the Therapist about the student would be visible under Tasks table under Type “Feedback”, parents can review the same.

  • Is the video session recorded ?

    Current Version does not provide this feature, however retrieval is possible at an additional cost

  • How a parent can reconcile the number of sessions bought ?

    Parents can always check the “Purchase History” tab under their login to see how many packages bought

  • How a parent can buy specific package which was bought earlier?

    Parents can go the “Purchase History” tab and buy sessions and also from the Therapist profile page

  • What is Talent?

    Talent is a section to showcase special children's curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular activities and create opportunities through that.

  • How do we register kids for Talent ?

    Create a student login and access the system. In your home screen, talent registration tab will appear. Use it to register.

  • How to showcase kid’s talent under Talent?

    This is multi modal hence can upload profile through video/audio/document.

  • Can a parent register their kid’s talent in more than one category ?


  • If the Therapist does not show up will the parent gets refund ?

    Speakapp has options to cancel and reschedule a session, however in case of No Show, the therapist would do a compensation class at your convenience.

  • If there is a technical problem because of Speakapp will the amount be refunded ?

    Speakapp would evaluate the issue and take appropriate decisions based on the evaluation report.

  • Can a parent provide feedback about the therapist ?

    Yes. Speakapp encourages feedbacks which will improve our quality of service, parents are encouraged to provide feedback not only about therapist also about the features and functionality of Speakapp.

  • Will a parent have an opportunity to work with Speakapp ?

    Yes. Speakapp encourages parents to work with us, you may visit our website and click on “Contact Us” form where you can leave your interest. Speakapp will be in touch as and when there is a suitable opportunity.

  • Can a Parent enrol themselves under Freelance segment ?

    Yes. If the parent is professionally qualified.

  • Will Speakapp suggest any extracurricular activities for children ?

    Current version doesn’t provide any suggestion.

  • Will Speakapp do workshops for Parents face to face ?

    Speakapp’s current version is online, however we will look for the right opportunity and time to engage on face to face meetings/workshops which would help parents and all users of Speakapp in future.

  • Will Speakapp have Doctors onboard whom we can consult online?

    Current version of Speakapp does not support.

  • Can a parent be part of the video session when the therapist and the child is engaged?

    Current version of Speakapp does not support this functionality, however we will be bringing this in future.

  • What are all the kits parent needs to buy for sessions?

    Please follow the instructions from your Therapists.

  • Can a parent engage with Multiple Therapists ?

    Speakapp is designed to give this option of engaging with multiple therapist for multiple learning requirements which best suits for your child

  • Tutors
  • Does Speakapp have a mobile app ?
    Current version of Speakapp is a Webapp, this is accessible in all forms like laptop, desktop and mobile, however it is not a downloadable application.
  • Once the Sign up is done what is the next process for the Therapist ?
    Once the sign up is done, the therapist would get a email from Speakapp to verify their account which needs to be verified.
  • Once the Verification is done what is the next step for the Therapist ?
    Therapist would undergo a selection process defined by Speakapp Admin, once the profile is reviewed and found satisfactory, the Therapist is approved by the Speakapp admin to onboard them into the platform.
  • Once the Superadmin approves the therapist can a parent view our profile ?
    No, once the Super admin approves, as a first step the Therapist should create packages, the same is done under your login under “Manage Packages” session.
  • Once the Manage Package is updated can a parent view the therapist profile?

    Yes. However Therapist needs to update their Roster, once the roster is updated the Therapist calendar is seen by the Parent to book appointments.

  • How to create Roster ?

     In your Home screen look for “Roster’ tab. Creating Roster is the most important activity for the Therapist/Tutor as your calendar would be visible for the Parents/Student who is looking to avail the service.

  • Are roster times fixed?

    Speakapp is a Therapist/Parent friendly platform hence have kept this open for the therapist to decide, Therapist can create multiple time slots for the day with different session time according to the child’s/parent’s requirement.

  • Will Speakapp provide Teaching aids ?

    Speakapp does provide teaching aids, these are general materials which may support the therapist.

  • Can Therapists utilise the materials during the session at free of cost ?

    Currently materials available in Speakapp are free to use.

  • Can a Therapist share what are all the materials needed with Speakapp to procure for the Speakapp Library ?

    We welcome and encourage Therapist to share what are all the effective teaching aids available which are best suited for you, the same would be evaluated by Speakapp and if our team finds it necessary for the development of the child we would procure the same and keep it available for therapist under Speakapp Library.

  • Is there any ceiling for therapist on the number of sessions per month ?

    Speakapp does not define any ceiling. However, expectation is to deliver quality output for the day so daily working hours plays an important role. We encourage Therapist/Tutor to take sufficient breaks to ensure the kid gets the quality learning.

  • Are the packages standardised ?

    No. Speakapp provides the flexibility to create your own package. Speakapp recommends 4 standard packages like consultation package which has one session, Starter Package which has 3-5 sessions, Monthly & Quarterly package as per your convenience.

  • How to create packages ?

    Therapist/Tutor can click on the Manage package tab on the home screen and click on the Add new package and create their own package

  • Can a Therapist file complaint about abusive parents ?

    Speakapp as a platform gives the liberty to users to register a complaint/suggestions for the improvement of the platform hence in this line you may register your feedback/complaints/suggestions with us. We would evaluate and revert back to you within the defined timelines as per process

  • Will Speakapp provide necessary documents for filing tax ?

    Yes. Under applicable laws.

  • How the payment is made to Tutors ?

    By way of online transfer to the bank account registered with us. Speakapp insists Therapists to take extra caution while recording the bank details with Speakapp.

  • What is the payment frequency ?

    Speakapp would process the payment weekly.

  • Will the Tutor/Therapist be paid in advance?

    No. Speakapp makes the payment only post successful completion of sessions and documenting the session progress.

  • What happens when there is a “No Show” by a Therapist ?

    Speakapp recommends the therapist to reschedule the session as per the Student’s convenience.

  • What happens when there is a “No Show” by a Student, will the therapist gets compensated ?

    Compensation is only for completed sessions, please try rescheduling as per mutual convenience and complete.

  • What if the Therapist couldn’t take the session due to platform related reasons ?

    We are sorry. Please write to us, we will find a suitable solution for you.

  • Does Speakapp support activities, home work within the system ?

    Yes. Speakapp is designed and automated all the administrative works of the therapist, you can go to “My Schedule” under your login and click on the session when the tab opens up with option to submit documents, the same would be reflected under Task dashboard of the Student. Student can download the worksheet, complete and upload the same back to you which would be coming into your Task dashboard under Home section.

  • Can a Therapist give feedback to children ?

    Yes, the system allows you to upload the feedback document post every session through the Feedback dashboard under the Home tab of Therapist login

  • What types of files Therapist can upload?

    Yes. Speakapp is multi modal hence you can upload video, audio, document, pictures etc

  • Is Screen share possible during the session ?


  • Can a Therapist store materials inside Speakapp ?

    Yes. This is a unique feature of Speakapp where the therapist/tutor can store documents/materials and use it during the session.

  • Does Speakapp charge Therapist for the storage ?

    No. Current version of Speakapp does not charge the therapist for storing their materials/teaching aids

  • Will Speakapp also provide materials ?

    Speakapp Library is another unique feature provided by Speakapp where we would keep a repository of materials which can be accessed by the Therapist and also use the same during the video session while teaching children.

  • Can the materials from the common repository (Speakapp Library) can be downloaded by the therapist ?

    No. it is not downloadable but this can be shared with children during the session.

  • Does the Video session offers whiteboard ?


  • Does the Video session offers chat facility ?

    Yes, we encourage Therapist to actively use this feature to enable children to learn using gadgets.

  • Can a document be retrieved and stored to use for that particular session ?

    Yes. This is yet another unique functionality of Speakapp where your repository might have many documents/files, retrieval during the session would take time and effort hence in the Video tab of Speakapp we have created a tab by name “Documents” where you can bring in the document which you will be using during the session.

  • How to organize learning materials and documents for a session?

    In “My Schedule” choose the relevant session, tab with the option to submit button opens up, click that tab and submit the document/file of any type which needs to be used during the video session, the same would be available under therapist tab of that “document” tab under Video Session.

  • If I am working for another institution, can I enrol as Freelance Therapist ?

    Speakapp as a company does not have a say on this, this is as per your institution’s policy and contract.

  • Does Speakapp provide reports for the Therapist ?

    Yes. The same is available under Report screen of the therapist login.

  • Institutions
  • How can the institution onboard through the Speakapp system?
    Onboarding in Speakapp is a simple process, current version of onboarding is offline, leave your contact details through the form under institution in our website, our executive would reach out to you and guide.
  • Who can be a admin for the institution?
    Anyone, as designated by the Institution.
  • Does the admin of the institution has all the rights ?

    Yes. Admin of the institution has all the rights to add/modify/delete any records in the system.

  • How to add a Therapist/Student into the system ?

    The Admin can go to the respective user’s page and add.

  • Is there any restrictions to add number of Therapists/Students ?

    No. The institution can add any number of Therapists and any number of Students as per the institution’s number of users

  • How an admin can map Students to Therapists ?

    While adding a student the admin can map the student to a therapist through the “map to” drop down option on the student add page.

  • Should the school admin map therapist and student for every session ?

    No. Speakapp is designed to map a student to the therapist/teacher once and then schedule sessions from the respective user page.

  • Can an institution have their own library?


  • Will the institution have access to Speakapp library ?


  • How to schedule the sessions ?

    Speakapp is designed to have this multiple ways where the Therapist/Tutor creates that roster and discusses with the parents to book sessions, also the Admin of the School/Institution can schedule sessions from their login.

  • Can Institution/school create a track record of the kid’s performance ?

    Yes. Everything is built in the system, the same can be accessed under the session history/view appointment documents under My Schedule of the user.

  • Is Tasks sheets portable amongst therapists ?
    1. Yes.
    2. Tasks are important activity for the institution hence Speakapp have designed the option to share/track/review/record the progress of the children which would be visible under the Task dashboard of the school and the student.
  • Can institutions communicate to students through Speakapp?

    Yes. Communication such as feedback is possible within the system, however features such as notice board is not available.

  • Are the video sessions saved ?

    Current version doesn’t provide the option to save, however if the institution require the video sessions, the same can be provided at an additional cost if applicable.

  • How the institution/school is charged ?

    We have various plans which would suit the institution basis the number of users/sessions, additionally Speakapp provides an option to customise a plan specific to your institution.

  • What types of reports are available ?

    Yes. Reports are generated individually for every Therapist/Tutor and the same can be accessed under “Report” under the Admin login.

  • Are the video sessions saved ?

    Current version doesn’t provide the option to save, however if the institution require the video sessions, the same can be provided at an additional cost if applicable.