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Windows 10 1703 iso ita download windows10debloater

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But I will try an explanation, and I will number the replies so you can see if they all post. This will vary greatly from one system to another. To use this, you first download the Windows 10 Media-Creation Tool, from which you can then do various things related to producing instillation media. That Administrator person was then effectively trying to control the settings, so that is what that message is indicating. I had not done that previously.


Windows 10 1703 iso ita download windows10debloater. W4RH4WK/Debloat-Windows-10


Thanks Alan. I DO trust his expertise for capturing All essential Drivers should ie a corrupted driver occur, but I cannot reconcile this with the Double Driver issue.. I got Drivers from the method and IF you accept this is a good backup plan maybe you can re-state questions from there – If Not relevant to your real needs, advise and Hans will pick-up from there. I had not done that previously. In my case it just reveals three extra devices, giving me in total 34 new paths listed, all of which are not unique, so in total I have 9 new files.

I have added those to my lists , and done some re cross checking. I have not found a lot of information about DriverBackup. It my main research in the last couple of months it never came up. Updates Attack I had the first major update attack last week. I had done my best to differ updates since I bought the computer from new.

I managed to delay the updates for almost 2 months. Eventually when I tried to do anything related to updates, the options were greyed out, and red text came up saying something to the effect of … You have already delayed updates many times. Every second thing is changed or broken. Amongst other things, some changes have been made to the Driver files held on the computer. These were relatively small change.

I will attempt to summarise these in this and the following posts. Possibly the lesson to learn here is to remove all external storage devices , that is to say, generally do not leave them for longer than needed in the computer, and certainly remove them if updates might be expected.

Problems were also experienced with the mouse and keyboard after the updates. This was the stand previously There were 5 folders and 61 files with these extensions: sys 1 dll 15 bin 3 cpa 1 vp 5 els 4 bag 1 xml 11 js 3 gdl 1 cab 1 ini 3 cat 4 inf 4 pnf 4 gpd 3 exe 1 We now have 12 Folders, a couple of extra file types. Here complete composition of files is sys 2 dll 46 bin 3 cpa 1 vp 5 bag 1 xml 36 js 5 gdl 3 cab 1 ini 51 cat 8 inf 8 pnf 8 gpd 47 exe 1 dpb 5 ppd 1 ExplorerBefore cmd Compare Marz I had to install.

NET Framework 3. The Files in the back up produced from these two software are almost identical. There are just a few less in DriverBackup. These are some Processor. Something has been removed to do with a snapshot, a Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Infrastructure Driver has been added.

A large number of files are no longer present related to non Microsoft third party printers. Some entries for the USBs are strange indicating that something possibly went wrong when fiddling with them. Previously we had [ also in DriverStore ] also in drivers sys [58] dll 49 47 [1] bin 3 3 [0] cpa 1 1 [0] vp 5 5 [0] inf 81 78 [0] ini 26 [0] cat 4 4 [0] gpd 29 29 [0] xml 27 27 [0] gdl 2 2 [0] js 3 3 [0] cab 1 1 [0] bag 1 1 [0] ppd 1 1 [0] exe 1 1 [0] dpb 4 4 [0] Total [59] We now have sys dll 10 bin 3 cpa 1 vp 5 inf 73 ini 73 cat 2 Total It would appear that the large amount of 3rd party drivers have been removed.

DriverStore Changes Almost all Folder names have changed, over changeed folder names in total. The most noticeable change is that a lot of files have been removed, approximately There are about new files Spread over approximately 25 new Folders. Approx list in approx date order of some of Chris s Videos, in particular Debloat or Utility related This is mostly just a list, and usually include a link to it at YouTube and a downloded stored share kopie in Windows Media Player.

New Cmd V DriveerStore We have 12 folders, files sys 2 dll 46 bin 3 cpa 1 vp 5 bag 1 xml 36 js 5 gdl 3 cab 1 ini 51 cat 8 inf 8 pnf 8 gpd 47 exe 1 dpb 5 ppd 1 Taking the selection match up measurements like before I find almost all in DriverStore.

Provisional DeBloatOptimization list of Chris\’s YouTube Tutorials, with some notes and archeived copies of referrenced site pages Post 1 Chris is using standard stuff, both at user and advanced Admin level, and third party stuff and scripts from other people.

None of his own Toools or skripts or utilitis yet. In the first couple of videos, Chris still is getting lots of views , but they are a bit put of date, but he has reorganised them a few times and got a lot of links a bit messed up, as generally his early stuff is a bit chaotically organised.

Most of his stuff is in a bit of a chaotic mess, as typical with ther nicest and best geniuses, at least those that are also nice guys. Me and Einstein are a couple of other examples , btw. Download the. Administrators can configure password requirements, startup programs, and define what applications or settings users can change. At this point he started developing his own script. From this point his Windows Debloat and optimising YouTube videos are mostly related to this new script which he often refers to as his utility.

I recently tried to catch up on his Windows10 Debloat and optimize stuff. He has a wealth of great shared stuff, a bit chaotically organised!. Some setting adjustments are mentioned a few times, not always done in the same way.

He has changed slightly a few of his ideas and opinions, some of which is reflected in him changing some things. One example , I think, is that he is more inclined to emphasize not blocking the important security related updates. Also is added Chocolatey package manager to the script for easy program installations. Application Tweaks This script will keep the core of Microsoft Office, but most other Microsoft products that are sideloaded are removed.

OneDrive is a big one that some use, so if you want that functionality check the customization section. MicrosoftOfficeHub\” Does that mean you are somehow stopping, deleting, removing or de installing or otherwise messing with Microsoft Office?

I thought I noticed on a previous video that you removed that line because you did not want to remove Microsoft Office. For one thing MS Office from is getting progressively worse, and many people go back to their stable MS Office and lower. Like me they have a valid licence and the original DVD, but Microsoft only let you re install it a few times, after which the valid key is not accepted, and you can forget trying to talk to Microsoft about it.

Explain again the modifying of the script, possibly as part as a general walkthrough of the entire script. And explain again how to download the file and run it in the old way, That would encourage someone to check and tweak the script before using it.

After this he did a live stream… Says he will make a new page for that but then he did not do it, or maybe just for a short time: This is actually a combination of debloat script and disasembler???? Some time later the entire live stream re appeared almost a year later!!! I followed your instructions yesterday and I just wanted to say WOW! I have a desktop running windows 10 Pro 64bits and I swear that it keeps getting faster and easier to work on. So far it is great.

Much apprecaited. Travis Mc Farland 1 year ago I should add that after a couple of weeks, my hard drive is fried! Not blaming but I feel I should report this as well. I now have no means of continuing to offer my services as a graphic designer or a job. In SA it is literally a sentance leading to homelessness. My HD was perfect before I went and followed your advice. I regret it and will never get another opportunity to say so. This script will optimize Windows and can be run multiple times if you have an update ruin all the optimizations.

I have also made it very easy to launch. It does have two prompts based on user feedback. He has changed it a few times since then. Sometime for example, I have a stable older version of a software, and I keep a copy of that exe file to re install from, if and when needed, and I prefer to choose when I update the software to the newest version, if at all.

I think the answer to that is two fold. Best is to check the script and tweak it if necessary, as I try to explain in my a few replies below. But the script currently brings up a GUI giving you button options both to do things and also to then undo what you did, in case anything causes problems. This is an approximate list of the more recent videos where Chris has developed the Debloat script further.

He is adding a lot more options to do other things as well as Debloating, and so just recently he tends to refer more often to the thing as a Tool rather than a Debloat script. But I will try an explanation, and I will number the replies so you can see if they all post. This is 1 of First forget about the one line to run command. Instead you need to go to the place where Chris has his script and download a Zip file containing some files including the main ps1 file that you need.

I cannot unfortunately write here where it is, as that always triggers a YouTube comment to be deleted. You need to unzip the downloaded zip file and note where you have chosen to put the unzipped master file containing all the files including the ps1 file. Actually, we are only interested in the ps1 file It does not matter where you put it, but you need to make a note of the path to it because its needed later in a command line.

As example for me, I have always had to make sure that I comment out any lines in a Debloat code section containing Microsoft. To get the support from Microsoft to re install a valid licensed software they often charge you more money than the cost of new software. Once you are happy with that ps1 file and have saved it then you need make a note of where you have the file, and then follow the steps given to run it, for example in this previous video.

You ignore that bit, because you would have done that already if you have done what I tried to explain in the last few comments 9 of Usually Chris has this folder named something like win10script-master, but he might change that now that windows 11 is here. These are typical command lines. Your path will vary to where you have chosen to pot the unzipped master folder. But that is a useful way to check that things are going as planned, as the dir command will list out all the files in the master folder, and you should see , amongst other things, the important.

The script from Chris is intended to work with both windows 10 and windows So you may find that he changes the name of those files and folders as he continues to improve and develop it.

Lots of simple to answer questions left unanswered in comments of the videos. Attempts to answer them with a reply often results in the reply being deleted. Not a big issue. Just saying. There is not a lot of point in anyone commenting if they have a question. I will take a guess that a lot Hate comments was caused by the last script or scripts.

Chris seems to have gone quiet on it for almost a year, and I would not be surprised if he removed some comments in the meantime…. Chris next responded to comments to restore the small square action centre thing at the bottom right what the previous scripts removed. While he was at it he made further options to restore Cortana and to hide tray icons At the start he was very vocal about how he responds positively to comments, which further suggests he may be trying to gloss over the problems caused to people by his scripts Let me know what you think below!

I\’d like to know your thoughts on these. Just looked this up, this is a throttling effect that is very similar. I\’ll have to add this modification as well. Windows is 20 years old, and he complains that they, not him should have updated the stuff. Sophia contacts him a lot, Chris replies dismally. Took the Windows defender out due to anti virus software complaining about it. This replaces the previous post which i am having problems trying to edit 8.

If you are coming here from the YouTube video I have taken all the scripts below and a system admin script I used a lot in the past to make a streamlined debloat script. I think its something becoming less meaningful as time goes on. When some low level things are done, like those the script does, they likely would they been done previously by such an Administrator person. That Administrator person was then effectively trying to control the settings, so that is what that message is indicating.

Sometimes you might see that message or a similar one accompanying the greying out of some user options, all once again indicating that some \”higher being\” is trying to decide what settings you have.

For example, this was the case with earlier windows 10 version Update settings: Many setting options were duplicated in the direct way via normal user settings, Advanced options dialog of Win 10 Pro , and in the so called Group Policy Editor, the gpedit msc in the run window thing. Once the gpedit method was used to adjust the settings then the same settings in the normal user update settings were greyed out and such a red warming was shown.

However since Windows version , the some of the direct normal way options have been removed and you can only make the changes via the low level Group Policy Editor thing Can anyone point me into the direction of a copy of the actual script used here?

I realise that the script has developed and advanced in the meantime, but its for learning purposes as I review the development of the script: I was away for a whule and am trying to catch up on the last years stuff. A couple of suggestions. This limits its use to when you are online. I would suggest that is a bit unnecessary. I will address those 3 points, if I may, in 3 replies below, since the YouTube anti-spam Bot is a bit aggressive just now, and tanks most long comments.

This is then post 1 of 4 that hopefully will post. If there are not at least 3 replies to this comment, then you know the Bot got me again! Fair enough. But possibly the check and possible download of the necessary winget stuff could somehow be done only of you choose any install option. That script is mot open source, but is there not a script anywhere to do the same? On the one hand it is encouraged examine, understand and possibly tweak the script before use.

But you can download the ps1 script file, examine it and tweak it easily with any text editor, then run it with a few simple command lines. I have tried in vain to explain this in detail to answer a few comments recently, but its always resulted in the reply being deleted.

A GitHub Pull from July doing services seems not to have got in???? But in more recent live stream videos he says it keeps coming back and he has not figured out how to stop it. Microsoft Edge has taken over PDF viewer, and other default web tasks.

Even when manually removing it will reinstall via windows updates. You can do this with a simply reg file. He talks about the main change being Services, initially copying a script part from somewhere previously at GitHib servicesdisabler.

When he tried it he was looking at a drop of processes as a result of the services disabling. I bought that and also had a go at making the exe based on his demo in the video. That worked as well after a fashion. Those two exes are compared in the next post In the end he spent most of the time getting a virtual windows up and running.

He ran it once he has a windows 11 going. I think he was feeling a bit under the weather. A few weeks later he made one that you can download. Here are some quick notes of the first attempt. I may add to them in the future Self made one: Things went approximately as in the explanation from Chris in the videos. He did it live while waiting for something else, and , as he says , its more complicated then it needed to be, which ties up with my experience: With the benefit of not having to do it live, I have found it very simple to do.

If I understand correctly, the free software thing, \”ps2exe\”, that somehow makes the exe is somehow held directly by, or is integrated in, or in some other way strongly associated with windows power script stuff.

Exactly what I mean by that I am not sure yet. But the end result is that a simple short set of powershell commands seem to set it off. You start by getting powershell with Administrator rights ip, or the windows 11 terminal equivalent The first few code lines you need are like those I would typically do initially when getting the Tool to launch from the ps1 text file.

By me it set off some other steps install-module ps2exe This is what was set off when I tried it: Der NuGet-Anbieter ist erforderlich, um den Vorgang fortzusetzen. Geben Sie \”exit\” ein, um die Pipeline fortzusetzen. The first time it did not seem to work, but then after a few attempts it seemed to work and the exe popped up.

I re enabled my windows defender shortly later and I seemed to get some security warning and similar problems again. I left the defender off for a while and forgot about it.

Some time later I switched it back on, and since then I have no longer had any problems launching the things. When I tried it out, it downloaded and launched with no problem. It looks almost identical to the one I made. It remains a bit too big on a typical lap top screen. Some other rough notes appendixed to the last post Here is the text of that blue powershell window shown above in the last image in the last post.

Alle Rechte vorbehalten. I just did that as it was helpful to see what I had at the place I was doing stuff. It helped me check for example that the file win10debloat6DecDec. I could be wrong. Maybe he knows what he is talking about, but no one else does. Here are some current Open as of Feb. It did make everything else on my screen much smaller, which I personally don\’t mind. I think I may actually keep it this way.

Chris\’s Posh GUI appears to have bloated the script with a lot of bollox. It bloats with repeated, and unnecessary coding. But that is an academic point, and, in any case, that is a bit off the point of the too big GUI issue, – that bloating is not directly the cause of the too big GUI issue here, even though Chris seems to think so sometimes!! Looping to reduce the bloat of repeated stuff with functions, as suggested in some Pull requests, is perhaps better programming practice.

It won\’t have any effect on the too big fucked up non working scroll bar, non working resize issue. I suspect more likely that this too big and fucked up scrolling, fucked up resizing, GUI issue, is some combination of a copy and paste not done properly, along with some furkin forked pushed pull crap at GitHub that messed it up a but further.

But never mind all that It mainly only requires only removing 9 unnecessary lines that fuck everything up! A higher resolution and it comes up a little smaller x is just about OK, and the over average used high of x is not too bad. I expect this latter is often what Chris uses.

But I have seen similar to that on other GUIs intermittently. So that may be some bug in PowerShell. But it has had a very unusually high number of Clicks. Chris then gave the 3 4 ways to copy stuff. I think they do. As it came out he spent a large amount of the time doing a very nice clear run through explanation of Essential Tweaks.

The rest of the time was split into shorter bits doing those two buttons and going some way to fixing a few mistakes he noticed as he went along. Chris said he was tired at the start, but he seemed well in form in this one. He started with something to do with Games in his windows. Forms If [System. He talks about expecting it going down to 70 — 80, but he never checked. He is in a mess as usual, going around in circles. B The license associated with the Belarc Advisor product allows for free personal home use only.

Use on computers in a corporate, educational, military or government installation is prohibited. The information on this page was created locally on your computer by the Belarc Advisor. Your computer profile was not sent to a web server.

Click here for more info. Last install: These security updates apply to this computer but are not currently installed using Advisor definitions version Note: Security benchmarks require that Critical and Important severity security updates must be installed. NET Framework version 3. NET Framework version 4. Microsoft3DViewer version 7. XGpuEjectDialog version WindowsCamera version XboxApp version Win32WebViewHost version CallingShellApp version StartMenuExperienceHost version Unmarked software lacks the data to determine last use.

Processor clock speed is measured at computer start-up, and on laptops may be impacted by power option settings. Data may be transferred on the bus at one, two, four, or eight times the Bus Clock rate. Memory slot contents may not add up to Installed Memory if some memory is not recognized by Windows.

Memory slot contents is reported by the motherboard BIOS. Contact system vendor if slot contents are wrong. This may be the manufacturer\’s factory installed product key rather than yours. The full product key is not stored on this computer.

However, the characters shown uniquely identify your product key. I highly discourage using Skype, however some people may not have the option to use an alternative. See the Ensure Windows Biometric Service is running. I would be happy to extend the collection of scripts. Just open an issue or send me a pull request. Skip to content. Star 5. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

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Latest commit. Git stats commits. Failed to load latest commit information. Oct 26, Remove double entries. Jul 4, Added more registry tweaks to lower RAM usage. Jun 30, Fix lineendings. Apr 22, Aug 13, Add link to German fork May 20, View code. Translations Fork with German version Interactivity The scripts are designed to run without any user interaction. Download Latest Version Code located in the master branch is always considered under development, but you\’ll probably want the most recent version anyway.

If we meet someday, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy us a beer in return. View license. You signed in with another tab or window.


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