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Windows 10 1703 download iso italianos nearmap pricing

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This design comprises minimal moving parts as well as a limited amount of active material, i. Their new design is compelling and noteworthy because it minimizes technology and commercial risks by utilizing a set of supply chain partners including Siemens, Renk, Eolotec, Geislinger, and Siempelkamp in an effort to maximize margins and minimize Cost of Energy COE.

This is achieved through a drivetrain architecture which has been used on other types of hightorque applications in the past and is being adapted for use in wind energy. Coupled with a stringent testing regime, the VerVent technology can be a marketready solution in as little as 24 months, which allows this technology to be fully exploited in emerging offshore markets with high growth potential including the United States, Japan, Viet Nam, South Korea, Turkey, India, Australia, Azerbaijan, and Brazil.

Featuring multi-layered X-seal technology, Cablefix X is designed to simplify installation without compromising ingress protection. The X membrane seals are closed by default, eliminating the need to plug unused entry points. These cable entry systems achieve Type 4X, 12, and 13 with a protection class of IP Cablefix X is available with 12 or 23 entry points and provides a space saving alternative to traditional cable glands.

Cablefix X requires only one enclosure cut out and can be installed onto enclosures of any wall thickness with four mounting bolts. For enclosures with a wall thickness of 1.

Rated for a user-load of lb, the fully-assembled kit comes ready for deployment and its slim profile means it can be stored compactly and carried by each technician until needed.

If a wind turbine goes down, how significantly will this affect your business operations? For Wind Energy stakeholders, this can severely affect their business, and even their reputation. While serious incidents are unpredictable, a preventive reconditioning program can help keep your equipment reliable and extend its life expectancy.

When equipment is operational and business is able to maintain production, capital expenditures unfortunately tend to take a back seat. An effective preventive reconditioning program can drastically reduce the number and severity of electrical and mechanical malfunctions, improve equipment safety, and keep the maintenance, repair, and overhaul expenses economical.

Preventive reconditioning, otherwise known as planned maintenance, is an important aspect in effectively maintaining or servicing equipment in an effort to increase productivity, reliability, and the overall life cycle of the equipment.

In many cases, planned reconditioning can prevent catastrophes such as those caused by electrical fires. Wind turbines are extremely expensive pieces of equipment that are required to operate in harsh environments. In the face of these hazards, it is vital to have an effective preventive reconditioning program in place to keep the equipment operating optimally and extend its longevity. Preventive reconditioning is more than just cleaning the surface of operating equipment.

Before a glitch turns into a major problem, preventive reconditioning enables you to locate it and prevent future operational failure. Infrared scanning, for instance, is a thermal imaging technology used to pinpoint locations with elevated temperatures. Identifying the presence of elevated temperatures could indicate that the equipment is malfunctioning — possibly by a loose electrical connection, which may cause a fire. Instead of bringing in an equipment restoration company after an incident has occurred, when you are under time constraints to fix a problem, performing preventive reconditioning before a loss occurs allows you the extra time to locate the right partner to work with, and keep your wind turbines operational.

From this initial analysis, they can offer suggestions for improvements to the equipment operations and performance. It is much less stressful and, ultimately, less costly to work with a maintenance partner to develop a schedule, which can be based on either calendar dates or usage. Because preventive reconditioning occurs while the equipment is operational, you have the flexibility to head off trouble in a way that will not interrupt production or affect operations. Preventive reconditioning is an upfront investment that helps avoid repairs and asset failures, increasing the longevity of a turbine.

On the other hand, reactive maintenance means that a turbine operates until it breaks. When that happens, repairs are needed immediately to bring the turbine back to operational condition.

Generally, no planned maintenance is conducted between operating failures. While this may initially seem like the best option in terms of costsavings, it can actually be the more expensive route when the equipment does fail. In addition to the costs of repairing the equipment, other costs associated with reacting to an incident include lost production and business interruption. By not being able to predict a breakdown, you also cannot prepare for the repairs in terms of labor and parts, which ends up incurring even greater costs.

An upfront investment in your equipment is an investment in the improvements in your operational costs and processes, including but not limited to increased productivity, reduced equipment and labor downtime and a reduction in unexpected replacement costs. For over 35 years, AREPA has provided comprehensive recovery solutions following property loss to critical equipment and systems.

AREPA provides turnkey rapid response to insurance claims professionals, risk managers, and corporations around the world. Mita-Teknik launched its blade pitch system for onshore and offshore wind turbines. The Mita Pitch System is a flexible pitch solution for turbines up to 12MW, with a design life of 30 years.

It has been designed to maximize the availability and performance of wind turbines, while applying minimum loads to the structure. High availability is ensured by fast commissioning, a Built-In-Self-Test scheme for on-the-fly evaluation, simple maintenance procedures, and digitalization.

The system features a modular pitch design with integrated drives, based on various standardized sizes of Hub Units, Blade Units, brushless PM Servo Motors, Asynchronous Servo Motors as well as energy storage based on either ultracapacitors or long life VRLA batteries. It is designed as an open system allowing OEMs to integrate their own software in the hub controller. The Mita Pitch System offers innovative features such as ruggedized IP65 seawater resistant aluminum housings, smart energy management extending component service life, as well as touchless blade angle monitoring.

Wood has launched a new power price forecasting PPF service to help provide customers with greater certainty around the financial return they can expect from investment in renewable energy projects. This dynamic solution enables them to see where the investment risks and potential upside opportunities could lie throughout the lifecycle of a renewable project based on forecast electricity prices.

If you wait, you may be too late. If you are planning to complete work on your fleet in , now is the time to request a proposal for your blade service needs. The reality, however, is that thousands of islands and other remote communities are struggling to keep up with their basic energy needs. They rely on expensive, dirty, diesel fuel systems for their electricity. It would seem that renewable energy solutions would be ideal replacements for these diesel systems, especially in the Caribbean islands where sun and wind are abundant.

Unfortunately, when it comes to taking advantage of cleaner technologies, the costs are prohibitive. Land is at a premium in these island nations, so large solar farms are not always viable. Wind offers an alternative, but the costs of transporting large turbine components to smaller islands – with limited port and roadway infrastructure – creates big challenges. How can we ease this pain for small islands and other remote communities, and provide them with viable, accessible, and affordable energy that will drive economic growth, while ensuring that both their economies and communities are less vulnerable to severe weather events?

Rather than trying to adapt current wind technology to reach these goals, however, maybe it would make more sense to borrow from a different industry. In fact, the technology has been around for ages.

The mechanics are fairly straightforward: Large Ferris wheels use two rubber truck tires that press up against the rim to turn the wheel. Additionally, we would eliminate the risk of fire and the expense associated with gearbox maintenance and replacement. Rather than utilizing blades that stretch feet, an alternative would be to use 20 five-foot blades which would act as airfoils on 64 spokes that extend from the hub to the rim.

Each blade would individually pitch and customize their collective twist to current wind conditions, ultimately being more efficient than a larger blade with a permanent twist. An even greater advantage: all 1, blades can ship in a standard container.

In fact, all the components can be designed to ship in standard shipping containers. With the axle, rim segments, and tower segments all measuring less than 40 feet, transportation logistics are greatly simplified. Smaller sized components could be easily shipped to ports with limited access, to reach more remote locations lacking developed infrastructures. Without the nacelle and gearbox, the turbine would be light enough to be lifted into place using a hydraulic cylinder.

This cylinder would be a permanent installation that would offer an added advantage – it could be used to lower the turbine for maintenance, or in advance of severe weather. The rated capacity would be kW, but the more efficient design means the turbine would deliver a higher annual output of electricity. Built tough, the Hi-Vis lime material is made from breathable polyester with a polyurethane coating to keep moisture out. The pieces are constructed with care and quality with sewn and sealed waterproof seams.

The rain jacket and coat feature a zipper front closure with a metal button storm flap and an attached drawstring hood which stows away in the collar. The jacket and coat also have a cape back and underarm vents, elastic cuffs, and slash pockets on the front for easy access. The raincoat has a vented bottom for maximum breathability. The pants and bib pants feature metal take up snaps at the bottom of the pant legs for easy wear over boots and work shoes.

The pants and bib pants are designed to allow for maximum movement without any hinderance. They are also built for comfort with an elastic waistband. The bib pants have heavy-duty material at the knees for extra durability and removable kneepads as well as adjustable suspenders for a custom fit. All rainwear pieces are available in sizes small through 5XL. These fully integrated, loop-powered displacement transmitters offer a unique streamlined solution for shaft displacement and vibration monitoring capability for a wide range of industrial machines.

The DTx series are fully integrated transmitters which means the driver oscillator and signal conditioning electronics vibration monitor are built directly into the sensor.

This simplifies installation by eliminating the need and space requirements for a driver, vibration monitor, and eventually a protective housing. The transmitter is looppowered, so its mA signal is not affected by long wiring distances, voltage drops, or noise. This simplifies installation when connecting to a DCS or PLC, since only two wires have to be connected in the current loop. The DTx series displacements transmitters are versatile from a monitoring perspective.

In addition to the mA outputs, there are also buffered output wires for transferring voltage signals to portable monitoring instruments for analysis and data storage. The transmitters are also built for harsh industrial environments. The DTx series of displacement transmitters are available in three different mounting configurations.

One of the most prevalent problems found across all Wind Turbine platforms happens in the yaw system design components. This article will review several of the components that are known to be troublesome from the design, repair, and obsolescent issues. The turbine computer algorithm controlling the positioning into the wind or out initiates yawing dozens of times per hour. The nacelle-mounted electrical gear Yaw motors engage simultaneously, forcing the nacelle left or right, then disengage upon signal.

The platform rotates on a steel disk fixed to the tower; the bearing is a simple set of friction discs or pads placed between the nacelle and the steel ring surfaces, acting as a movement deterrent and brake.

Most yaw motors have an integrated electrical brake. The most popular slide system is the passive. It includes a system of skid-disks, or pucks, in conjunction with a brass.

Springs are housed internal to the piston, creating a defined but adjustable pressure downward to the steel that limits Nacelle movement caused by side-winds. Service technicians must regularly monitor the disc thickness and adjust the force onto the yaw-disc. Turbines are located in all environments; local conditions including ambient air temperatures, moisture content, altitudes, and even simple maintenance practices, can become detrimental to reliable operation. The friction system components and associated electro-mechanical components are negatively affected by these conditions, causing operational problems in several areas.

All Yaw systems are prone to vibration and noise including the disturbing fog-horning noise , maintenance, and the skidmaterials choice.

Whether pad or puck, the various materials used to provide the slip-deterrent and yaw braking devices have undergone great research. One model of turbine platform uses the passive design. This design requires multiple points of consistent downforce, exerted through spring pressure and delivered through placed brass pistons, which push onto and slide material referred to as slide pucks.

There are 12 or 18 pistons per turbine, each requiring regular observation and maintenance. Experience with the piston-to-yaw ring interface has proven to have several inherent original equipment design issues, all needing solutions. Similar applications on other turbines use similar methods of implementation. The frequency of replacement of the slide puck is determined by the user through experience, and is dependent on local conditions.

Turbines require either 12 or 18 pucks to operate. Several OEM and 3rd party solutions have been offered with varied results. Super puck was subjected to long-term testing in various environments, under several corporate nationwide maintenance protocols.

An extension of the Super Puck is the Super Piston. By using the same proprietary material, the one-piece Super Piston, integrated with the puck, replaces the brass piston; this offers extended life with the additional benefit of reducing the brass-piston generated noise and maintenance headaches.

Periodic maintenance or noisy operation may dictate a close inspection of the OEM puck, which requires. Replacement with new springs should be an inherent part of the repair operation whenever new pad sets and holders or pistons are required. Excessive wear as found on a worn-out brake pad can expose the piston itself to contact directly with the steel yaw ring.

This causes expansion of the brass outside of the sleeve hole onto the steel yaw ring surface. Piston Extraction Kit. If the tower fixed steel yaw ting has experienced damage, a number of repair methods can be applied, including a special puck to resurface and repair the damage without requiring removal from the tower.

Each turbine within a fleet has the unfortunate prospect of having been delivered with a slightly different yaw motorgear design of the adjacent platform, despite a nearly identical electro-mechanical operation. These differences may include voltage, mechanical connection placement, thermistor counts, bearing and such. This problem can be solved with a new, universal yaw motor to meet the variable needs for the various OEM platforms.

WECS is a distributor of components designed to extend the life of wind turbines. WECS works with vendors worldwide to provide factory replacement components, OEM alternatives, updates, and obsolescence alternatives. Make your condition monitoring data work for you Smart automation not only increases turbine efficiency, but also helps to structure and connect the ever-increasing masses of data involved.

Regain control over your turbines with CMS and start planning for your tomorrow. Condition monitoring systems CMS equip turbines with sensors that continuously monitor vibrations across the drivetrain at key locations from the main bearing to the generator. As components begin to wear and degrade, very specific patterns appear within the vibrations which are acquired by the sensors and identified by the CMS unit.

In near real-time, these patterns are analysed to localize the defect, diagnose the issue, and assess the severity. With this knowledge, operators can then plan targeted maintenance activities around an optimal schedule low wind speeds, multiple repairs, etc.

They are easy to retrofit, control integrated and userfriendly. Fully integrated CMS opens the door to smart automation driven by machine health and There is a 30 per cent cost difference between being able to resulting in optimal yield. With system use all the available data and not having it at your disposal. Wind power is rapidly growing and with it comes increased cyber-security issues.

While legacy SCADA systems can provide the access owners want, they carry inherent security vulnerabilities. Security uncompromising Cutting edge communication based on international standards, such as OPC UA and IEC , WPS provides safe and reliable web-based access to all of your turbine data from any smart device, pc, or tablet. Contact us today Bachmann electronic Corp. With the labor market tightening, companies need to create more efficiencies.

What does this mean for companies? Simply put, the push for productivity has more to do with existing resources than new technologies. Here are three questions to help you to get the most out of your supply chain.

Leveraging the supply chain is about core competencies and expertise. Every successful company in the world was created to address a specific need in the market. In more recent years, that has extended beyond piece price to the concept of TCO. That all can be accomplished through outsourcing labor. True supply chain leverage is bringing something to your business from your supply base that is unique — a level of collaboration and achievement that neither organization could accomplish on its own.

How is the supplier affecting quality, delivery, and the overall customer experience? When that impact is positive, leverage is occurring in supply chain utilization. Companies can use the supply chain to increase revenue in a multitude of ways – starting at the most basic leverage point of productivity and output, all the way to improved quality and elevated market perception and status. Increasing capacity through supply chain integration can be a revenue and profit differentiator for high-output operations.

Some organizations heavily publicize their supply chain relationships to sell their progressive and innovative approach, in an effort to improve competitiveness and win business from their customer base. For him, the end product is kind of like the scorecard in a larger competition of supply chains.

Culture is definitely a dark horse variable in the success of supply chain integration, and can make a big impact on the enterprise. Typically, the more vertically integrated and self-sufficient the organization, the more challenging it is for them to relinquish control of noncore processes and competencies.

What does your company do really well? What fundamental principles have made it successful? How can you find supplier partners who will support those principles, but also provide complementary expertise and services to enhance the enterprise?

At some point, every organization — large or small, public or private — operates with constraints. They have to make choices about where to invest and allocate resources. For some supply chain professionals, just the idea of change is paralyzing. They look at any change as giving up control. The best of the best will be your agent for change.

They will improve the speed at which you can realize the benefits of their involvement. He has been with Fastenal for 15 years and has lead teams in the installation of hundreds of onsite solutions. With point-of-use vending, workers can get the items they need without losing time due to walking and waiting. According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace.

Perhaps more than any other type of workers out there, those who erect and maintain wind turbines are exposed to some of the most serious, and potentially fatal, fall hazards.

With many turbines reaching heights of well over feet tall, wind farms are only growing upwards in many cases, and exposure to high winds can make work at high elevations even more hazardous. Here we highlight some of the latest in safety and fall protection equipment—a must for the growing industry. The Hi-Grip Xtremes feature a full, silicone grip palm providing supreme control with a Kevlar underlay and Kevlar stitching for maximum strength seams. The secure straps have been upgraded to reinforced leather in addition to the all leather cuff.

New sizes and mitt-style protectors are available with an improved thumb design that provides greater dexterity. They have been field tested for durability and include a wear guard on top of the hand for extra protection.

Description: The IBEX climb assist from Power Climber Wind sets the standard for performance, safety, and ease of installation in any new or existing turbine. Its intelligent control system delivers a comfortable and responsive climb.

Using a continuous closed feedback loop, the IBEX instantaneously adjusts to changes in climbing speed or direction, allowing for a safe, smooth, and confident climb. With more than 70 years of performing productively at height, Power Climber Wind designs products that, like IBEX, drive low total cost of ownership and user satisfaction.

The Climb Auto System is a single technician ladder-mounted lift, retrofittable to any new or existing. Application: Fireproof collective escapes and emergency descent solution Description: Designed to save the lives of those working at altitudes ranging up to ft m , the Evacuator is a fast, simple, and easy-to-use click and go fireproof collective escape and emergency descent solution.

Fireproof units are customized for each turbine model and can be installed inside or outside of the nacelle, onshore or offshore. Emergency descent is fully-automatic and mechanically controlled at a speed of 3. Units are compact and easy to maintain. FallTech for Tools is designed to accommodate the most commonly used tools in construction trades, general industry, oil and gas, utilities, and other industries. These include tools with captive eyes, open and closed handle tools, open and closed handle tools with triggers, including impact hammers, wrenches, screw drivers, spud wrenches, power tools, and many others.

Description: Comfortable harness featuring a rear D ring for multiple loadings with a small amount of vertical adjustment that stops strap migration, large front ring for multiple attachments, key-way entry exit buckle with Velcro security wrap for a safe final connection.

Hardware is ergonomically suited to reduce wear on webbing, for easy connections and critical pivot points for greater articulation. Unique curved webbing that follows the contours of the body for a closer fit and innovative subpelvic assembly for support and comfort when suspended.

Sterling Rope Company, Inc. Product: Raise and Rescue Elite Application: A pre-rigged mechanical advantage system designed for simple and efficient victim raising and multidirectional transfers. The mechanical progress capture feature allows for secure raising and simple operation, and the mesh sleeve surrounding the 6mm cord prevents tangling during storage and deployment. Two wire anchor slings allow the rescuer to create an anchor around ladder supports or rails, or structural members, and the HollowBlock2 allows.

Weighing only 2. After unclipping the lanyard, the person can be lowered to the ground with automatic speed limiting. The participant is never unattached from a safety system during this procedure. Their lineup of clothing includes Flame Resistant work pants, FR work shirts, FR base layers, and FR outerwear designed specifically for wind technicians and construction workers. Description: The lightweight design is customized for workers building and servicing wind turbines while reducing fatigue for all-day endurance.

This new line of harnesses from Honeywell keeps workers comfortable and safe while increasing productivity.

The easy-to-use SkySaver IIE Portable Kit, which includes a controlled descent device CDD , portable anchoring accessories, and an ergonomically designed harness, is built to evacuate workers as high as 80m above ground level, within three minutes. A wide, semi-rigid waistbelt provides excellent support. The new harness line is available March Workers and technicians may need specialized training to succeed and advance in their careers.

Check out some of the training opportunities, professional certifications, workshops, and events offered across the country and online. Abaris Training Resources, Inc. Designed for field technicians, inspectors, supervisors, and others responsible for performing structural repairs to blades and nacelles.

Students are challenged with progressively more complex repair scenarios from skin and core repairs in the basic course to tips and carbon spar repairs in the advanced course. Adapting aerospace methods and techniques, they. The R-5 basic course is a prerequisite to the R advanced course. Course description: Learn to competently examine work-at-height personal protective equipment using the Petzl protocol and to create an effective PPE-management system.

The course covers: Risk assessment, associated decision making and potential hazards associated with the use of PPE for protection against falls from height; Legislation and current requirements regarding the management of PPE; Necessary tools and work environment to efficiently perform PPE examination; General principles and uses of PPE; Employer and PPE inspector responsibilities; Understanding a technical notice; Principal actions of the examiner: maintenance, returns under warranty, removal of products from service, etc.

In the United States, there are now over 56, wind turbines with a combined capacity of GW of wind energy in the ground and 22GW expected offshore by This impressive growth, coupled with leaps in technology, has renewable energy companies looking at their operating assets for profits.

But what does operations look like in the s? Larger turbines, advances in storage and predictive maintenance are the types of technology trends that have the potential, if done right, to create more efficiencies and more reliable energy.

A successful wind project requires more than top-notch technology; its most important asset are the people who maintain the projects. Despite wind and solar technicians being the two fastest growing jobs in the country, the industry is struggling to meet the needs of a growing number of projects, many of which are coming off warranty.

Owner operators are faced with the daunting task of meeting these needs on a tighter budget while continuing to keep the safety of their techs as the top priority. How can the industry practically leverage technology like digitalization, crane-less work, and drones to ensure the safety of their workers? What efforts are underway to properly prepare and train workers?

Helwig Carbon is a manufacturer of carbon brushes, brush holders, and quick disconnect fittings for wind turbine generators. They offer complete wind generator upgrades for longer service life. They also make a wind pitch motor bearing protection kit designed to protect pitch motors from premature bearing failure.

Key features include data replication for cybersecure operation, OPC connectivity to other data systems, remote notifications, advanced plotting and trending capabilities, configurable workspaces and a modern user interface.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants use sophisticated additives to provide cost-effective choices for prolonging equipment life, reducing maintenance, and increasing performance. Using current technology and proven testing methodologies, Fluid life helps their customers reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment reliability. Offering a wide range of condition monitoring and reliability services backed by in-house labs, they deliver fluid analysis and reliability solutions accurately and on-time.

United Equipment Accessories manufactures low-maintenance, highquality slip rings for OEM and aftermarket clients. These slip rings feature a new brush technology designed to provide long life in harsh environments. UEA can take current slip ring specs to design an interchangeable slip ring for wind turbines. Single brushes can be replaced at any time, removing the need to replace entire units or sets of brushes.

Petzl helmets focus on all-day comfort for technicians and at-height workers. The liner incorporates an EPP expanded polypropylene and EPS expanded polystyrene foam to reduce weight and achieve superb shock absorption.

The helmet comes in vented and unvented versions, as well as hi-viz yellow and orange for increased visibility. Multiple accessories are compatible with the STRATO helmets; eye shields, headlamps, nape protector, hearing protection, and name tag holder for personalization. SmartCheck is a newly launched small sized, versatile, and easy-to-use torque tester suitable for any workshop and service vehicle. Its compact dimensions coupled with its rotatable display and the ability to mount it horizontally or vertically, provides versatility in any location.

With a splash-proof display and keypad, it can be operated through power supply or battery. SmartCheck quickly provides information on whether or not a torque wrench is within the prescribed tolerances or if it requires adjustment. Wanzek offers a single source for wind services including construction, management, monitoring and maintenance of civil, crane, turbine, blade, substation and T-Line collection, as well as continuous improvement services.

They specialize in comprehensive wind power maintenance services using a regional deployment strategy, helping their clients maximize their investments in renewable power generation. Wanzek Renewable Services has dedicated industry experienced leadership, regional managers, project managers and wind technicians.

They deliver renewable services in a skilled and professional manner on a turnkey basis or by providing services as required. They have the regional locations, leadership, financial stability, training, equipment, and experience to be a valuable resource for the successful operation of a wind site. The Mersen portable lathe for up-tower generator slip ring resurfacing is a quick method to bring a slip ring back into operational specification. By eliminating the need to swap out an affected slip ring, maintenance crews can reduce downtime associated with slip ring issues.

Ground rings are known to be susceptible to wear in the brush track under certain operating conditions. Poor grounding ring surface conditions can also lead to erratic temperature readings in a wind turbine and affect other electrical components. The portable lathe allows technicians to resurface just the affected ground ring and bring the turbine back online. Advanced tools to verify slip ring surface condition after machining and the Total Indicate Runout TIR are also available.

Mersen offers technical training and hands on up-tower training sessions to use these tools which help maintenance crews increase availability numbers at their respective wind farms. Maximum flexibility ensures rapid implementation, ease of operation, and the possibility to expand the installation efficiently.

Users can prioritize the information they want to see and achieve the security levels required to keep data and assets safe. The Indji Watch solution partners with and delivers data from trusted and reliable sources to provide customers with accurate real-time weather alerts, and hourly-updating forecasts. Their Plan of Day dashboard helps to quickly identify rapidly changing weather at-a-glance, allowing users to be more proactive in mitigating potential impacts to the operation and employee safety.

From a system-wide overview right down to an individual asset, Indji Watch will ensure that their customers have an accurate picture of what the weather will be doing in the near future, as well as analytic capabilities to what happened in the past. WindCom is fully committed to safety and provides services that ensure success. Due to the individual adjustment, the central d-ring sits optimally on the body.

The comfortable and breathable back and leg pads makes it suitable for distributing weight when work positioning and suspension. The double-wrapped and firmly sewn terminations secure loose webbing and prevent slippage.

Nord-Lock Group offers four key technologies: Nord-Lock original wedgelocking washers with wedge locking technology that makes unintentional loosening impossible, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Superbolt mechanical tensioners that can accurately and safely achieve high preloads while using only hand tools. Expander System pivot pin replacements that provide a permanent solution to lug wear eliminating the need for expensive welding and line boring, and Boltight hydraulic tensioning tools which can provide a low profile solution for space-restricted applications demanding high and accurate preloads, such as wind turbines.

The WECS Super Piston system is a solution to the repair materials needed to eliminate fog-horning and costly repetitive replacement of the pads and pistons systems required for the GE 1X platform nacelle yaw operations. The new design incorporates the function of the brass piston and various types of skid puck designs into one single long lasting, self-lubricating, non-vibrating light weight system that reduces the mean-time-toreplace and removes easily.

A brass-piston removal kit is also available. Blaklader has been manufacturing functional workwear since They produce their garments in environmentally safe factories with functionality, quality, design, and sustainability. Blaklader allows wearers to focus on the job, while being comfortable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Veteran owned and operated. Highly trained elevator mechanics from the International Union of Elevator Constructors not only keep elevators running, they keep them running efficiently, and above all else, safely.

They have over 28, trained professionals with over on the job hours and over classroom hours. From tool lanyards and tie-off points to holsters and pouches, Dakota Riggers stocks a full selection of 3M tool tethering products. Henkel Corporation Henkel provides electrically conductive adhesives ECAs and has a broad technology toolbox and ECA formulation expertise that spans well over 50 years.

Henkel supplies unique technology, enabling high volume quality and providing deep process know-how. Hyundai Aluminum Americas, Inc.

With 5 aluminum extrusion and fabrication facilities in S. Korea and Vietnam, they supply solar panel manufacturers with punched, mitre cut, anodized aluminum extruded panel frame sets. Their frames come with corner keys pre-inserted into the short frame, saving time and eliminating waste.

Their new facility near Hanoi, Vietnam has available extrusion and fabrication capacity. Griff Paper and Film The Griff Network provides a wide variety of sheets, films, and polymers to support the creation of high quality solar panels. Their solar back-sheets have dielectric properties to act as an insulator for the power generating modules.

Advanced thermal engineering eliminates cooling fans, unique in this power range. PWM versions also available.

EagleView EagleView Inform Advanced for solar delivers a detailed property report with precise and consistent measurements, 3D models, and solar access values through high-resolution aerial imagery, and computer vision so solar installation companies can gain operational efficiency, better satisfy customers, and grow their business.

Tigo Energy, Inc. They are fully programmable and the inside temperature, as well as the other configuration values, can be set by the user. Therefore, the appliances are suited to DC applications.

Efficient use of energy can be guaranteed by the optimum electronic controls and speed regulation of the compressor. The entire load is combined into a single pair of aluminum conductors running from the string combiner to the inverter. Alexandria Industries Alexandria Industries provides customers with creative manufacturing solutions that make sense for their solar racking and mounting product needs.

Rapid Shutdown Solutions represent low-cost and space-saving solutions for commercial solar systems utilizing string inverters. AC Combiners combine multiple string inverter outputs. SolarBOS products are designed and manufactured in the USA with emphasis on clean design, quality, and cost-effectiveness. The add-on solution has improved lightweight hardware and lower labor costs to address a range of functions and budgets. Snap to standard module frame or rack mounting for quick and easy installation.

Battery Systems Battery Systems provides their customers with battery products combined with efficient service, offered at competitive prices in ever expanding markets. Delivers large amp capacity in one battery and eliminates the need for multiple batteries without losing amperage. Loaded with automatic safety features, such as a Battery Management System BMS , which maintains individual cell integrity, low and high voltage protections, reverse polarity, and temperature management.

The battery also uses automatic cell balancing, requires almost no maintenance and includes RS and CAN monitoring. This one battery can replace multiple battery banks and cables. Bender, Inc. Insulation monitoring devices detect symmetrical insulation and DC faults that often occur in control circuits and DC voltage networks such as those found in battery energy storage systems. When insulation resistance is monitored, trend curves and other predictions can be made. A permanently installed iso from Bender, Inc.

This significantly reduces time and effort required for maintenance work. Solid-state technology is insensitive to external temperatures, does not require cooling, and will not be subject to thermal runaway events. The LMP outdoor racks are suitable for hot, harsh environments, and remote locations.

Its robust warranty is not subject to operating temperature or depth of discharge. Lead-acid is a reliable and safe technology with installations spanning over years.

Energy can either be directed into the storage system or be fed into the public grid via an inverter. The ESS batteries have a usable capacity range from 5. This means meeting the energy storage needs of small residential locations to larger commercial systems is no issue.

The ESS are compatible with 48V systems which avoids hassles seen with high voltage. Can Solar, Inc. Users only have to connect their solar modules. The all-in-one design puts necessary functions into a compact enclosure, bringing conveniences to users. Users can check Power Bank status through an optional mobile phone app. Solar utility trailers use Sun Xtender batteries to provide dependable power, power lighted construction signs, harness energy from solar panels and wind turbines to power integral equipment.

Sun Xtender batteries are maintenance free, housed in shockproof, high impact reinforced cases to restrain from bulging.

Sun Xtender terminals and hardware are constructed with copper alloy, corrosion free materials for low impedance connections and maximum conductivity. Capacities in 2V, 6V, 12V for grid tied and standalone systems. Direct-Bolt Fixed Tilt n Pre-assembled tilt bracketry components to reduce on-site labor, accelerate assembly n Flexible bridge beam design n Integrated grounding to eliminate third party grounding devices and speed assembly.

You get reduced lead times, lower shipping costs and responsive customer service. Crown Battery Manufacturing Company Crown offers low or no-maintenance energy storage solutions.

With over 20 million deployed calls and zero catastrophic failures, combined with cell-level BMS monitoring and control systems, expert engineering liaison and certified installers, e-On Batteries provides full value to their customers.

These wide-ranging capabilities make the EC suitable to support large-scale renewable energy projects, as well as transmission- and distribution-level services, without cycling limits. To support all deployments, ESS Inc. The B09ULF is a 9. If more reserved power is needed, the B09ULF can be stacked for The enclosure installs empty, to minimize installation weight and make it easy for one person to install.

All wiring uses quick disconnects to speed up the installation process. It offers a nominal capacity of amp hours, fast and efficient recharge, and excellent cycle performance.

In addition, the Genesis GEP battery has a two-year shelf life, performs well in high-temperature and high-vibration environments, and is flame retardant by meeting the UL94VO specification. TPPL technology also enables it to provide more power in a small footprint. The Genesis GEP battery is built with high quality materials, including built-in lifting handles for rapid installations.

Fortress Power engineers announce the new eVault The eVault uses safe Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology. It is compact, powerful, and able to stack up to 12 batteries in parallel kWh. Competitively priced, the eVault battery also comes with a year warranty and 6, cycles. The Deka Unigy II 2-volt battery from MK Battery is available as either a single cell or system design, and features a wide range of capacities to fit the varied requirements of renewable energy applications.

Exclusive IPF Technology optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability. Advanced AGM technology eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, and spills. Microcat Catalyst lowers float current, decreases internal temperatures, and the risk of dry-out, to ensure long battery life. Tested to IEC standards. Naak delivers optimized energy services for residential and commercial energy consumers, developers, and the grid.

They leverage the benefits of behind the meter load control, ensuring energy service offerings are optimized and cost effective. The Digital Loads Panel offers market differentiation, increased customer savings, reduced installation costs, multiplies revenue streams, and ensures outcomes with less risk over the long term.

Phocos Americas, Inc. From its cell and battery design to its intelligent, built-in diagnostics, Trillium offers a range of advanced safety, environmental, and electronic features. With life expectancy over 5, cycles, Trillium will deliver outstanding return on investment over time.

Trillium is designed as an easy replacement for existing lead acid batteries. Rolls Battery Engineering Designed to deliver long-term reliable energy storage in a heavy-duty, dual-container design, Rolls Series 2 volt 2 KS 33P model offer heavy-duty thick plate construction with Advanced NAM carbon for more efficient charging, extended cycle life and durability, convenient modular cell assembly, and high Amp-Hour capacity AH 20 Hr , backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty.

These systems are rigorously tested. Battery Manufacturing U. Battery Manufacturing has been building flooded lead acid batteries since and manufactures deep cycle batteries specifically for many industries, worldwide.

Typical configurations use 4, 6, or 8 hours of storage depending on the amount of energy required. The battery is safe, reliable, and non-toxic. Small Components. Big Impact! Gripple, Inc. The bracing and anchoring kits are lightweight, easy to install, and are versatile enough to be either specified into a site or retrofitted into most existing systems, making them suitable for repairs and refusals.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics Next generation inverter designs for renewable energy demand reliable DC link capacitors with higher capacitance values, voltage, and current ratings. LP Hoying solar power supplies are used in the cathodic protection industry and are used worldwide for the protection of assets including oil and natural gas well casings, pipelines, and associated infrastructure.

They are available with cathodic protection current ranges from zero to 50A more in specialized cases and the associated voltage levels necessary to provide this current. The controls can be configured to provide constant voltage, constant current, or automatic potential control depending upon the application. Their systems come with all components needed for installation, and are easily assembled in the field.

ABB also provides training for the correct installation and maintenance of their products. It has power handling capabilities up to V and up to 60A per UL. Solar Spec pack features a locking latch that complies with NEC section Designed for wire to wire applications, Solar SPEC Pak is capable of handling up to 5 individual lines which reduces the number of traditional connectors needed in solar applications, minimizing the amount of space needed while lowering installation costs.

Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc. Allied Industrial Marketing has over 30 years of experience specializing in power quality and helping clients diagnose problems through engineering analysis and computer simulation, and they provide recommendations on problem solving methods.

Educational power quality seminars are also available. CHT USA Silicone encapsulants and sealants offer environmentally friendly, long-term protection to meet the demands of a variety of solar panel applications, from panels to junction boxes. UV resistant encapsulating grades outperform organics.

CHT USA offers optically clear and non-yellowing systems, with corrosion-resistant properties, as well as thermally conductive grades for heat management. UL rated, flameretardant, potting grades are also available for junction box applications. Additionally, silicones with primerless adhesion are offered for bonding to a variety of plastics.

No more Nuts needed to tighten and secure the L-Foot! Not only does this simplify the installation process, it also cuts down the installation time! Installers can use the drive that works best with the rest of the components of their array.

They have been providing products to the Canadian electrical market for the last 35 years. Their solar line includes a wide range of products from trusted brands like SIBA and Littelfuse fuses, IMO drives and controls, and Vynckier fiberglass enclosures to name a few.

They carry a substantial inventory to provide fast, reliable delivery for their solar customers. The TRIO Solar can be wired in parallel with the user of a decoupling diode for higher current applications and combined with a UPS for reserve power applications.

SIBA Fuses are available for protection of PV panels, sub-arrays, arrays, energy storage ES systems, inverters, filters, and transformers and switchgear tied to the grid.

Standardized communications enable easy system configuration for establishment of stand-alone power systems using existing and new assets with the adaptability to easily meet future needs. Configurations offer 18 to 42 string inputs and up to 4 outputs for application versatility.

This series can be used with mechanical or compression connectors, and a majority have NEMA mounting hole configurations. Raycap provides strong protection for DC applications. Convection heaters, fan heaters, and filter fans are just a few of the products STEGO produces which keep enclosed electronics on small and large scales running safely, economically, and reliably, from corporate server racks to wind turbines in extreme environments.

With locations in 13 countries and partnerships around the world, STEGO serves a global customer base engaged in a large portfolio of industries. Their precision resistance matched fuse construction ensures balanced load sharing, making them suitable for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity.

Going beyond hermetic sealing the HX series can withstand the rigors of virtually any harsh environment whether underwater or in the desert sun. HX series High Voltage Hermetically Sealed Contactors are a solution for inverter systems, battery packs, and combiner boxes in solar or wind power systems. In that case the. Braking: Effect 08 instead of 07 [FS ] r Clarify the parameters and fix the cases were they were swapped r It is more suited to be only changed via the signal GUI r Keep the focus at the OSK and close it on losing focus r Macros and side effects do not mix, especially if there is some obscure \’ define min\’ in a windows header that nobody thinks of [FS ] r Rather clip the object name r That way they can be selected using Action7 depending on present cargo- or railtypes r Also increase it from 64 to , and change the name in the cfg file, so everyone gets the new default [FS ] r As they have not got the savegame yet, they will not have the interface to send them either r The other two tiles may be owned by other companies.

Also do not count the middle tile of a lock as canal, independent of whether it is build on ground or river slope r This allows vehicles to better control the capacity for cargotypes which they know; and let cargo NewGRFs influence the capacity for cargoes the vehicle NewGRF does not know, but which the vehicle is refittable to due to cargo classes r That way they are always shown in game and are not editable [FS ] r And do not count buoys while loading a game either r Also give those errors precedence over other information r If the AI would be displaying them later we would be showing those control codes as question marks [FS ] r It can contain random text, and at most 3 buttons from a collection of 17 r This caused the cargo transfer from the replaced parts to put even more stuff in the already full wagon.

Currently most useful for vehicle var 60 r They block the view r Note that this is no change to the economy; it only saves players some clicks when starting companies in later years r So data to base set or newgrf, and gm to base set r For example a road vehicle trying to go to a buoy [FS ] r Trigger it when the company is created instead r Font metrics should then just work r This is more accurate when the foundation is kind of undefined [FS ] r Only airport tiles should access those r This also prevents crashing when clicking unpause while the confirm window is shown r This also makes the widget containing the sprite not skip drawing it, if the bounds of the widget are outside of the drawing area though the sprite actually needs drawing [FS ] r Aircraft may reach unscheduled terminals when skipping orders [FS ] r Use the last set value instead r So let the client wait a tiny bit after sending the \’I am leaving\’ packet and before gracefully closing the connection [FS ] r Otherwise you could start a save, which would be marked as done by the previous save stopping and then yet another save could be started Removing that depot causes an assertion to trigger [FS ] r There might be a scheduled rebuild which needs execution first.

So, only set a trigger for resorting [FS ] r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r, r In other words, do not crash but show an error message r It removes the traces of engines which are no longer associated to a NewGRF, and can be used to e. You can only use it when there are no vehicles in the game though r TTO savegames, non primary vehicles wagons and such could have unitnumbers or even orders.

However, these orders would not be updated when a station is removed. As such some savegames have wagons with current orders to invalid stations which triggers trouble in the load conversion. Make sure that the minimum speed always overrules the maximum speed [FS ] r That may exceed 8 bits r You cannot select anything anyway r For example do not show trams when there is no tram NewGRF loaded r This allows you to see what trains visit a station without actually having to order a vehicle to stop at all stations r Now also the distance from the \’end\’ of the pathfinding run to the destination is compared to the current distance to the destination; if the distance to the destination at the end of the pathfinder run is less than the current distance from the destination the ship will not be marked as lost.

This means that the ships with the old pathfinder will less likely get marked as lost, but due to the design of the old ship pathfinder there \’lostness\’ is merely a best guess. When you still get a lost message you need to build buoys to guide the ship pathfinder [FS ] r This will reduce the lag of the other clients to the time it takes to make the memory dump and it will speed up downloading the map as the download starts earlier possibly with a slightly lower bandwidth due to slow compression [FS ] r Only centre on centre of main viewport if mouse is not in any viewport r Air drag for vehicles with air drag not set or set to zero will use a default value depending on their max speed r, r, r, r, r Action 14 r Also allow them to be custom named [FS ] r, r It does not store the new offsets anywhere so as soon as the sprite is reloaded the offsets are gone use a bigger sprite cache if this happens.

As side-effect you will get an error message explaining the command cannot be executed because the game is paused instead of seemingly nothing happening when you click.

Additional side effect of this is that you can make use of the measurement tooltip while paused [FS ] r They cannot be built on flat or foundation tiles, so there is at most one destination tile like there is only one for tunnels [FS ] r Use the ClientID instead r Now you can enable or disable that with a setting, which replaces the build-while-paused cheat [FS ] r As there must be at least one sprite to provide the correct offset for the groundsprite draw the empty default foundation sprite in that case [FS ] r This should make competing stations less all-or-nothing [FS ] r Do not stop loading if the timetabled wait is not over yet [FS ] r Make everything that would round to 1.

It was possible that part of a multitile house was not copied because the array was full r This to prevent the vehicle from possibly staying forever in the station [FS ] r This caused both AI adding those orders and backed up order restoration to fail [FS ] r This allows one wayness to be removed if there are vehicles on a tile; it does not allow you to add one wayness to roads that have vehicles on them as it makes turning vehicles jump [FS ] r If it is the directory where your binary is located it will still scan them [FS ] r The crash would occur after the content server\’s reply was processed and the ContentInfo object was replaced with another [FS ] r, r That code is meant for the \’actions\’ dropdown [FS ] r Especially wagons of unavailable railtypes were reported available r As a result the order to go to the waypoint is used to reserve the path after the waypoint and as such trains get lost [FS ] r This also fixes zlib 1.

This caused the client to be in the wrong company according to the rest of the clients and the client being kicked on the first command [FS ] r Could cause desyncs if the multiplayer game was not started from a savegame [FS ] r This to prevent people from thinking planting rain forest trees makes the rain forest bigger and thus adds more place to build a lumber mill [FS ] r, r, r


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